Perspective is staffed by highly trained technology professionals who have exacting standards that meet or exceed those held by our clients..

How did this start?

In the early 1980's, Dan was working as a salesman, providing products to optical shops across the South. During that time, he met Ken Menendez, the owner of Memphis Optical. They struck up a friendship, and over time discovered they both had a passion for computers. Being the visionaries they were, they saw the potential in the industry and decided to combine the knowledge they had of the optical industry with the love they both had of technology.

They decided to start a business together. They offered a specialized software package, custom-tailored for the optical industry, and the hardware to run it on. Thus, in 1986 PerSPECtive Inc. was born. The company was more successful than even they imagined.

Over the years, they have expanded the scope and depth of their service offerings. Now they are providing Managed Services for clients that include brokerage firms, law offices, medical clinics, mortgage companies, human resources firms and accountants, among many others.

There are several guiding principles that have helped Perspective stand the test of time:

  • Technology should always be an asset, never a hinderance.
  • Clients should always receive unwavering, exceptional service.
  • Do it right the first time, EVERY time.

The true purpose of technology is to make the things you do easier, whatever those things may be. Many companies lose sight of that one fact, and begin pursuing technology for its own sake. If technology doesn't help you do things more quickly, efficiently and easily, then it has failed its purpose. At Perspective, we help you make sure that never happens.

The President

Daniel C. Schneider
Dan has been in love with computers since he built his first Timex Sinclair in 1981. He has helped innumerable businesses gain control of their Information Technology systems since he founded the company in 1986, and he remains the guiding force in the operations of Perspective, Inc. to this very day.